Vault Dweller In the Wastes

I will blog the adventures of my players in the course of this blog. I will do so, because I am sure that if I blog what I will be doing they will read it. I don’t blame them, I would too.

Our story begins with Cam rising to the surface in a Vault-Tek submersible. She comes to rest against the shore, and had never set foot onto dry land. On top of a rocky out cropping, Heather and Ghoulia are traveling from Salem where they have traded with Barney Rook and his gun Reba. They see the figure stepping out of the strange vehicle, but before they can say anything, there is the unmistakable pop of a Mirelurk bursting from the sand below.

Ghoulia runs forward, and leaps down onto the back of the Mirelurk, her machete out, and sinks the blade deep into the shell, as it bucks forward, and she rides it like one would a bucking bronco. She grabs on for dear life.

Heather yells for Cam to get behind the desiccated whale, laying gutted and partially eaten on the sand. And Cam runs behind the carcass. She notes there are some eggs laying in a nest beside the whale as she hunkers down. Heather slides down the rest of the way, and tries to shoot the Mirelurk, putting a bullet into the creature.

The Mirelurk, angry tries to attack and dislodge the thing on it’s back, and attacks with it’s claws, but manages only to tear a hole in Ghoulia’s shirt and draw a thin line of blood. With one last attack Ghoulia manages to take down the beast and it falls from beneath her.

After the attack, while Heather harvests the kill for meat, the three meet and Cam tells the ghouls of her need for a carbon scrubber. Heather offers to take her with them, as they are going to Diamond City for a trade day. However, since her and Ghoulia are ghouls, that they cannot get into the city, and would need to remain outside. They can also ask around as they meet other traders, and survivors along the path. Their first stop is Finch Farm for trade.

(As they are traveling along, I roll for a random encounter. It is non hostile as long as the players don’t do anything rash, then I rolled that it would be the Child of Atom. So I made them missionaries to the all glowing one. They even had pamphlets).

As they travel they meet a couple of Child of Atom missionaries. The two looking for converts calls for them to become one with the Atom, and hand them pamphlets. Cam’s Geiger counter on her pip boy starts going crazy, and she hides behind Shit Hauler and tries to get away from the two missionaries. Luckily, it works and her Vault-Tek issued vault suit seems to protect her from the damage, however, Cam is now paranoid about radiation, and fixates on not getting damaged. She asks Ghoulia and Heather about radiation, and the Ghouls explain that they are immune to the stuff. However, there are medications that can protect and heal Cam if that comes about.

They travel their way to Finch Farms, trade, restock and resupply with fresh vegetables, cook up some food for their upcoming travels, and rest up for the next leg of their trip.

This is the basic rundown of the first game, in case other Game Masters or Overseers want to add a bit of flavor text to their games. Fallout has the stats for all these creatures and humans, and I think it’s a good investment. I bought the pdf and printed out a copy on my printer, then took it to Office Depot to get them to bind it.

If you want to email me about any of my NPCs and how I used them in the game, and dialogue I used with them, I will be more than happy to converse with you my fellow Overseers.


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