Vault Dweller, 2 Ghouls, and a Shit Hauler

I have to say, I kinda really love my Players. I have a fun group. We are using Google Meets to play our games right now, because me and my wife, Lauren live in Alabama. Julie and Glo my other two players live in New Jersey, and I am about to add another friend into the game who lives in North Carolina. Yes I know about roll 20, and discord, and the like. However, for some reason, Google Meet just seems more intimate and around a tabletop for us. Anyway, back to my players Fallout 2d20 characters.

Lauren decided to play a Ghoul named Heather. I think this might be because I made her watch Heathers (late 80s early 90s film). She did it to scare me I think, afraid she would play it like a Heather. She isn’t. Heather is a pre-war Ghoul, who was in Boston for a concert the day the bombs fell. Unfortunately, the concert was cancelled as much of the world was that day. Her trinket is the old concert ticket that she still carries around with her. She feels lucky when she looks at it and well since she lived through the blasts, maybe there is something to her 210 year old reminder of who she was. She was in college for pre med, and was going to become a vet. Something else that was cancelled. However, she had her trusty Brahmin “Shit Hauler”, and a gift of the gab. She found her calling walking the wastelands and finding odds and ends, baubles, and trinkets, and trading or selling them for a good amount of caps.

Glo plays our second Ghoul, “Ghoulia” is a pre-war ghoul, but can’t remember much about it. She remembers that she was Vault-Tek security. She remembers that the bombs were dropping. She remembers something hitting her in the back of the head as the vault doors were closing, then nothing else. When she woke up, the people she saw were either ghouls or dead. She began to wander the wastes. Then she met Heather. Heather fed her, and they struck up a partnership. She is the muscle and a hard hitter, and often protects their small caravan and always has first crack at the weapons Heather finds among the ruins.

Then there is Camila “Cam”, a vault dweller. She hales from Vault 145, and was lucky that this seemed to be a control vault. It was also one of the underwater vaults. She was raised and trained by Vault-Tek training programs, school programs, and was a genius when it came to science and tech. Cam was also the one to figure out something was very wrong in the systems. The carbon scrubbers are about to be at critical failure, and nothing inside the vault to repair it. So unlike the old people from Vault 145 who are sent out from the Vault to the wastelands to their deaths, Cam is going out to find the parts needed to repair her home. She knows nothing of the world outside her vault, and is very curious and trusting about everything. But, curiosity is a double edged sword and trust can easily be misplaced in the post Fallout.

Shit Hauler is a pack Brahmin. They moo when their name is mentioned, they find ways to step on the feet of their traveling companions, they eat what they are not supposed too, like clothing off people when they are not being paid attention too. They carry shit. They have personality, and will head butt anyone who tries to mess with them. They also try to get themselves into houses and lay down on the beds, and refuse to leave. Shit Hauler is an asshole.

This is their story…

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